Client Trading Account

Please complete the following application form accurately. The completion of the application form will be used to determine your suitability to our products and services and is essential to opening your new physical precious metal trading account with EBLN DMCC. Along with the completion of this form it is important you have:

  • Understood the risks associated with trading physical precious metals.
  • Understood the EBLN DMCC terms and conditions provided to you.
  • Understood EBLN DMCC’s costs and charges.
  • Made clear to EBLN DMCC you are capable of making your own investment decisions.

We protect our customer and client information with utmost care. The information provided by you in this application form is confidential and will be treated as such by EBLN DMCC and its affiliated companies. You can view the EBLN DMCC Privacy Policy at eblndmcc.com/privacy/.

EBLN is required by International and Domestic Money Laundering Laws to verify and identify every customer before they become a client, and in turn open a physical commodity trading account. You are required to provide one of the below for your proof of identity: (Please note that if you are an international client (if you are not a British Citizen) you must provide a copy of your passport):

  • Copy of your passport (all numbers in full view including machine readable information at the bottom).
  • Copy of your driving license card.

To verify your proof of address, we require one of the following (must be less than 3 months old):

  • Bank or Building Society Statement (address clearly in view).
  • Utility Bill (address clearly in view).
  • Council Tax Bill (address clearly in view).
  • AMLs of Directors (if a company account).
  • AMLs of substantial shareholders (if a company account).
  • Certificate of Incorporation and Article and Memorandum of Association (if a company account).

To make the application process as smooth as possible, we do not want you to miss anything out; please make sure you have completed the below before sending this application form back:

  1. Completed all necessary form fields.
  2. Provided your proof of identity and address and will be sent with this application form.
  3. Understood the risks associated with physical commodity trading and made clear you are capable of making your own investment decisions.
  4. Read the applicant non disclosure agreement.
  5. Understood our Terms and Conditions.

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