Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE)

All clients of the EBLN DMCC melee desk have access to auction based liquidty providers for their melee holdings through EBLN DMCC’s license and membership to the Dubai Diamond Exchange [DDE]. Diamonds play an illustrious role in Dubai's heritage as a gateway for global trade. In the space of just 15 years, Dubai has transformed into the world’s third largest diamond trading centre.
DMCC’s investment in world-class infrastructure and services include the government-backed Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), state-of-the-art vault and storage facilities, and commitment to the Kimberley Process.

Trade With Complete Confidence

Trade through the DDE has rapidly expanded by building on strong connections with producers in Africa, cutting centres in Asia and consumers in Europe, the United States and China. Consequently, our members and global partners can trade with complete confidence while accessing new markets.

The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) is a unique platform that offers access to a trusted framework for all aspects of diamond trade. Located in the iconic Almas Tower, DDE is the region’s first and only trading exchange for diamonds and coloured precious stones, and home to some of the most prestigious jewellery manufacturers, retailers and traders.

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Registered Office: 798, DMCC Business Centre, Level No 1, Jewellery and Gemplex 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. EBLN DMCC is a member of the Global Legal Identity Identifier Foundation, a global database of financial firms. EBLN DMCC’s LEIRN is: 8945008XMZ80RQAVSI28. Registered as a Dubai Free-zone company under UAE Law. EBLN DMCC is licensed to trade precious metals and stones, licensed and regulated by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre and member of the Dubai Gold Exchange and is also a member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. License Number: DMCC – 268227. Registration Number: DMCC78715. VAT registration Number: TRN 100052752100003.