Copper is often not thought of as a strategic metal that many investors can participate in and in turn generate return on investment (ROI).

Copper, as well as other industrial metals have generally in the past only been open to large banks, investment houses, institutional and sophisticated investors – until now. EBLN DMCC through leveraging its contacts with its suppliers and key market relationships is making copper as well as other industrial metals an option for their investment portfolio.

Despite copper’s status, it’s among the most versatile metals in existence. Couple its utility with the low price and this might be an opportune time for investors to take a closer look.

Copper generally comes in minimum contracts lots of 25000 troy pounds which would be generally larger than an average investor would wish to be exposed by. That being so, EBLN DMCC is making it possible for investors to trade within copper and other industrials on smaller OTC contract sizes.

Market Intelligence

EBLN DMCC offer clients exclusive and proprietary research and analysis.

Precious Metals Stored On An Allocated Basis

The worldwide markets for precious metals have never been more competitive, volatile or complex. EBLN DMCC has cumulatively decades of experience within financial markets which enable EBLN DMCC to offer their clients a depth of service that customers cannot receive elsewhere, which in turn contributes to market beating ROI portfolio results for clients.

Trading Account

We offer a complete range of physical trading services in gold, silver and platinum group metals.


We leverage EBLN DMCC’s logistics and IT infrastructure to provide seamless execution - including warehousing and deliveries for physical transactions across the globe.

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