Physical Delivery (Bullion)

Take physical delivery of your precious metal purchase

EBLN DMCC enables clients to take physical delivery of their precious metals.

Upon complete settlement of these transactions, EBLN DMCC clients can have the ability to take receipt of their physical precious metals.

With access to high volumes of precious metals and high volumes of liquidity within major metal markets, EBLN DMCC can deliver for clients physical metals to their place of residences and customs bonded warehouses around the world.

The process
  1. Become an EBLN DMCC client and open a metal trading account (you must also send two proofs of ID for anti-money laundering checks).
  2. Once your account is open you will be sent a welcome letter and your own individual client code.
  3. Discuss with your broker how much metal you would like to purchase.
  4. EBLN DMCC will go away to our market suppliers to get the best quote.
  5. Once we have received a quote we will let you know.
  6. If you accept we will send you an invoice.
  7. Once you have settled the invoice we will send you your physical order.
  8. Generally, delivery and insurance costs will be included in the quote unless otherwise indicated.
  9. You should receive your metal within 10 days (this can be affected by bank holidays and seasonal festive periods).
  10. We deliver globally; if you are UK based the delivery should be quicker.

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