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7th February 2020

Barely over a month into 2020, and there are increasing signs of a global recession, telling us that a financial crisis is due shortly. Adding to our woes, there have already been a few doomsday panics from fear of WW3 (US/Iran tension), Australia going up in flames (direct cause: arson not global warming), Brexit (didn’t cause a crash), and now the coronavirus pandemic. Yet stock markets keep going higher, suggesting markets don’t believe the world as we know it is…

End Of The Road – The Coming Collapse Is Now Unavoidable

24th January 2020

According to the current market action, and many ‘experts’, there is no risk. Literally none. Risk doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t believe me? The following was published by a panel of ‘experts’ on Marketwatch (Jan 11, 2020): Whatever dips and trips there may be on occasion, it all seems priced in and markets continue levitating to new all-time highs. In fact, over the past several months, we have been witness to one of the greatest stock market rallies in all US…

2020: The Middle Eastern Nightmare, Economic Realities & Why Gold Will Be Going Much Higher

10th January 2020

Since hitting a low of $1,445 in November Gold was already gaining 5.5% into the new decade. On 2 January, the day before the US airstrike that killed Iranian general Quasem Soleimani and Iraqi commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, gold was $1,529. As ever the case, investors typically seek sanctuary in gold as it tends to head north when geopolitical risk soar.. By 8 January it was $1,611, its highest level since April 2013. Yes, the news was dramatic and a…

That’s No Moon…

11th October 2019

It’s not Brexit that’s going to leave you penniless. You are not to be faulted if you think Brexit is the most important crisis affecting Britain today. The misimpression is completely understandable if you have been taking in media coverage – hope everyone’s at least enjoyed TV’s latest political soap opera. What is being ignored are the alarming developments in international trade, which is coinciding with rapidly falling confidence in central banks’ ability to control financial markets through current monetary…

Things Will Never Be The Same Again

30th August 2019

Following weeks of increasing middle eastern tensions, continuing protests in France and Hong Kong, fires raging in the Amazon, and the on/off trade war (or is it a deal?), equity markets struggling near all-time highs, increasing negative rates and signals that Germany is already in recession, there have been many market participants, including US President Trump, calling on the US Federal Reserve to cut interest rates.  Many eagerly anticipated Jerome Powell’s speech on Friday at the annual Jackson Hole Meeting…

Russia Offers To Join INSTEX – Major Challenge To US Dollar’s Reserve Status

25th July 2019

Since the US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal last year, tensions have risen dramatically with the US throwing additional sanctions on Iran with US and UK military assets increasing their presence in the middle east to counter Iranian aggression. At the same time, the other signatories of the Iran deal have struggled to find ways to keep the deal alive. Germany, France and the UK announced INSTEX at the beginning of the year, a transaction system that bypasses…

Oil Wars – The Twilight of US Dollar Hegemony

12th July 2019

For seventy five years, one of the critical pillars of American power has been the US dollars status as the world’s most important currency. For the last forty five years, the foundation of US dollar’s primacy has been its dominating role in international energy markets. It’s easy to assume that the dollars latter prominence in energy markets derives from the former: its status as the world’s official reserve currency but this is not the case. The US dollar’s hegemony was…

Brace Yourself…Silver Is Coming

26th June 2019

It’s no secret Gold’s performance has been catching everyone’s attention again recently and for good reason. Golds been doing very well so far in 2019, finally breaking $1,400/oz last week for the first time in 5 years, and is continuing to climb. But this has been exemplified by comparison to silver. Although up off its recent lows, it’s still trading in the $15’s, underperforming gold by a widening margin. But this difference between the two signals is not bearish, the…

Reasons Precious Metals Will Be Higher in 2019 and Beyond

20th June 2019

There is now an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests 2019 is going to see not just a rally but rather a huge bull market movement in precious metals. This trend is not just technical but is riding the wave of global re-monetisation of gold coming to a head. Moving straight into it, there are four reasons to expect gold and silver to go higher:   Basil III Rules Recognises Gold as Real Money Again In April 2019, the Bank…

House of Cards – QE, Interest Rates & The Boom That’s Bust

14th June 2019

Suppose you were born in the 1950’s, except for some small recessions along the way and two larger stock market crashes, you would have only seen economic growth, prosperity as well as huge growth in overall production. When you live in those circumstances, you can’t seriously consider a completely different scenario to the one that’s always been. After a short period of crisis, you could’ve reasonably assumed a fresh wave of economic growth and the party would once again continue….

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