America Divided Means Gold Is Going Much Higher

8th September 2020

The precious metal has broken to new all-time highs, rising above $2,000 for the first time in history. What’s truly striking however, is that even after such a massive move, gold’s pullback since has been relatively shallow. Indeed, it looks increasingly as if gold may soon be readying for is next leg higher. It’s easier to understand gold’s record-breaking move up if you look at it from the other side of the equation. The U.S dollar is now at it’s…

Gold In A Devaluating Currency

23rd July 2020

The emerging crisis today is seeing a collapse of real businesses worldwide, affecting the widest extent of banks’ exposure to looming defaults on even greater quantities of debt than before. Here in the UK, the hope was that once the crisis passed, the economy would bounce back to normal – the so-called V-shaped recovery. So far the response has been to print more money, but although it’s kept over 9 million people out of the unemployment figures, it has not…

Money Out Of Thin Air: The Path To Hyperinflation

19th May 2020

Readers of our previous articles know of the mountain of global debt that has been increasing since the 2008 financial crisis. Readers will further realise that it didn’t have to be a global pandemic to burst this bubble. A decade of 0% interest rates, coupled with multiple rounds of ‘emergency’ quantitative easing [money printing] into the financial system means that almost all asset classes, such as the US stock markets and the UK housing market had reached all-time highs just…

Where Is Gold Going In 2020?

7th April 2020

When the global stock markets are four times bigger than the actual global economy, its not hard to see that an uncontrollable selloff can force investors to raise cash. Cash is desperately needed by banks, traders and investors to meet margin calls and offset losses elsewhere. Banks withdrew lending facilities, contributing to further pain. Combine the biggest stock market drop in history with a crash in oil prices and you get a need for liquidity that is off the charts….

The ‘Breakdown’ Between Paper and Physical Gold

31st March 2020

As reported in The Crash Of 2020 & The Next Gold Bull Market, there has recently been a ‘break down’ in precious metal markets. Amidst the global pandemic that has triggered the biggest financial crash since the 1929, demand for gold has been soaring as a safe haven asset. Simultaneously, the ongoing crisis in financial markets has forced huge paper gold and silver liquidations (as leveraged funds scramble to cover margin calls) and to a frenzy of bullion bank clients…

The Great Crash Of 2020 & The Next Gold Bull Market

23rd March 2020

Consider all the business activity that was financed at rates near zero over the past decade since the 2008 financial crisis. Big developers have been borrowing to build more homes, fuelling a boom and inflating housing prices. Airlines borrowed to buy new planes. Auto manufacturers borrowed to offer 0% financing as a subsidy to consumers. Retailers borrowed to offer 0% financing to subsidize their customers as well on the latest sofa and must have electronic device. Corporations borrowed to buy…

Black Swan Part III – When The Next Domino Starts To Fall

12th March 2020

                With the coronavirus outbreak triggering one of the most massive economic shocks since the last financial crisis, demand for oil for the world’s second largest economy has remained extremely soft. With quarantine still restricting people going back to work in China and outbreaks beginning to severely impact other countries worldwide, we are experiencing an unprecedented slowdown in the global economy and with it, demand for oil.                 In scope and rapidity, the…

Black Swan Part II – Gold Breaks Out As Global Economy Grinds To A Halt

21st February 2020

A few weeks ago, we highlighted how the coronavirus outbreak was having a noticeable impact on china’s manufacturing output, leading to production shortages which was already starting to impact businesses outside of china unable to source parts necessary for their own activities.  You can read the article here (Made In China), but putting what we summarised together, the conclusion at the time was this:   “The coronavirus is indeed highly infectious and has the potential to spread further over the…

Black Swan Part I – Made In China

7th February 2020

Barely over a month into 2020, and there are increasing signs of a global recession, telling us that a financial crisis is due shortly. Adding to our woes, there have already been a few doomsday panics from fear of WW3 (US/Iran tension), Australia going up in flames (direct cause: arson not global warming), Brexit (didn’t cause a crash), and now the coronavirus pandemic. Yet stock markets keep going higher, suggesting markets don’t believe the world as we know it is…

End Of The Road – The Coming Collapse Is Now Unavoidable

24th January 2020

According to the current market action, and many ‘experts’, there is no risk. Literally none. Risk doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t believe me? The following was published by a panel of ‘experts’ on Marketwatch (Jan 11, 2020): Whatever dips and trips there may be on occasion, it all seems priced in and markets continue levitating to new all-time highs. In fact, over the past several months, we have been witness to one of the greatest stock market rallies in all US…

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